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Jobs for Retired Seniors

Jobs for Retired Seniors
Maybe you picture retirement like this: Waking up to the scent of fresh brewed coffee as late morning sunshine streams through the curtains of a completely paid-off house on the beach…. Your loved one shuffles through the kitchen in bunny slippers, smiling as she picks the morning paper off the counter.

The reality is that retirement can be an avalanche of free time and worry. For some retirees, bills don’t stop piling up just because they’ve declared their intentions to leave the workforce. A supplementary income may be necessary. However, retirees also have time to leave romantic notions aside and start thinking outside the box!
Even if a paycheck is not necessary, retirees often find themselves alone. The quiet minutes tick by, leaving the senior to look forward to more alone time. For social seniors, being involved in a wider community may look a little bit like a part time job.

Luckily, for the retiree who still has the stamina and desire to engage in a part time job, there are plenty of options. Here are just a few of the things a retiree can consider.

Consultant or Freelancer

Retired seniors often have unmined, financially lucrative skills developed over a lifetime of learning and doing. There are hundreds of different talents and skills that can be put to work. The wider community needs the knowledge of our senior population.

Mentally sharp seniors who are good with money, organizational skills, or financial management are invaluable resources for young people just starting out. Libraries are great places to set up a class or tutor someone who needs help. Millennials are often hesitant about their aptitude for résumé or technical writing. Seniors often have the teaching and the practice to help with tasks like this and many others.


For the extroverted senior who can still drive, a little extra people time may be mentally uplifting. Uber and Lyft are taxi services that are worth considering. Drivers for these companies can set their own hours and, depending on where a driver works and how much, the supplemental income is fairly good.

Just be aware this is not a safe option for everyone. Night driving may be out of the question and your senior may be more confident in his driving skills than perhaps he should be.

House, Baby, or Pet Sitter

Taking care of things for people is almost a perfect gig. If Grandma is missing her grandbabies and needs some toddler time, babysitting a few hours a week is perfect. Summer vacation leaves plenty a pet forlorn. Board your fur baby with Grandpa and Grandma for a week and know he’s being completely spoiled. Housesitting is also a good option for capable seniors who would like a mini vacation while earning some side cash.

While these jobs seem easy to come by, not every senior has connections in the community. will match your senior with someone in need, but your senior can choose exactly who or what they want to care for.

Teacher’s Aid or Tutor

Kids these days are bombarded with classes and homework and after school extracurricular activities from first grade to college. Sometimes it takes an extra-special-someone to help them remember everything. There are a plethora of options that come along with teaching and there are students who want or need after school activities.

Whether it be music, dance, writing, art, robotics, or science outside the classroom, there’s plenty of opportunity for your seniors to connect with young people in their community over a mutual passion.


It takes a lot of love and dedication to keep up a second or third language. Anyone who has learned another language will tell you that it takes a lifetime of practice. For seniors who aren’t able to travel anymore, translation may help them keep up their skills and stay on top of current language trends. Written translation, or translation in person are both highly sought after options and often come with a larger than average side gig paycheck.

Sell Items on Ebay

Some seniors have accumulated quite a stockpile of stuff over the years. If Grandpa isn’t super attached to some of his old model cars or Grandma wants to downsize her dish collection, now might be a good time to check out websites like Ebay or Craigslist. Vintage items and antiques are very collectable these days and your senior might be able to make some money off of them. It takes time to pack and ship the items but it can be satisfying… especially if you’re making cash off of unneeded items!

Get Crafting (And Sell It On Etsy)

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Crafting isn’t a guaranteed money maker. However, if Grandma has some time on her hands and she’s passionate about knitting, or jewelry making, or art, or any other type of craft, an Etsy shop might be the place for her.

Etsy is a selling platform for handmade items. Thousands of people have opened Etsy stores and sell anything from handmade bridal gowns to furniture. Your senior might need a little help with set up, but shop maintenance is fairly simple and a fun way to sell extra craft items. The Etsy community surrounding certain handmade items is fairly small and usually quite friendly.


If Grandpa has an extra room or two, why not turn that space into an Airbnb? Airbnb is an online connection for people looking for a unique experience and cheaper accommodations while traveling. One of the greatest things about Airbnb, besides meeting interesting new people, is setting your own hours and prices.

Airbnb is insured up to 1 million dollars in case any of your guests get too rowdy. It allows you to add extra identity checks and house rules in case you’re concerned about safety. And it’s a great way to meet people.

Personal Shopper

Saying yes to one thing is always a no to something else. As people say yes to more and more activities, certain things like grocery shopping have become burdensome. Shipt is a good way to connect a peppy senior with someone who needs a little assistance in that area. Seniors can complete a shopper’s list, get out and about, and make a paycheck! Learn more about being a Shipt shopper here.


Housekeeping might not be for everyone, but if Grandma has a lot of energy and needs a small side income, this might be for her. Plenty of families need help with anything from light to a deep clean. Everyone can use a fairy godmother and housecleaning is a great way to reach this status with some happy clients!

The world is full of busy people who need help. Just because seniors have retired from the corporate world does not mean they have retired from life. They have so much more life to live investing in individuals, in the community at large, and in the world around them.

Do you have some other ideas? Drop us a note on the contact page and let us know your ideas for side income during retirement!

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