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Best of Home Care ProviderThe Best of Home Care Provider of Choice 2019

At Home Care is grateful to one of only 4 agencies in KS to be awarded the Best of Home Care – Provider of Choice Award for 2019.

This award is based on client satisfaction ratings collected from telephone interviews performed by Home Care Pulse, an independent satisfaction research firm. These home care providers are best-in-class for providing quality care to their clients. This recognition assures that the provider is trustworthy and has proven their ability to provide outstanding in-home care services.

To qualify for this annual award, a home care provider must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a Home Care Pulse Certified – Trusted Provider for at least six consecutive months.

  • Have a minimum of 10% of active clients interviewed on a monthly basis, or a qualifying Home Care Pulse interview package.

  • Qualify above the 50th percentile in two or more client satisfaction categories within in your geographic region.

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Home Care Pulse Certified – Trusted Providers

At Home Care is proud to be Home Care Pulse Certified as a Trusted Provider.

These providers have shown their commitment to providing quality in-home care by contracting with Home Care Pulse, an independent satisfaction research firm, to gather feedback and satisfaction scores. Each month, Home Care Pulse performs random client/caregiver interviews to help “Trusted Providers” ensure that they are meeting their clients’ needs, and that they are providing the best care services possible.


To receive this certification, the provider must be currently enrolled in the Home Care Pulse Satisfaction Management Program and have their first month’s client/caregiver satisfaction interviews completed.