Coyote’s Last Romp (Caregiver Story!)

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Coyote’s Last Romp (Caregiver Story!)

Coyote’s Last Romp (Caregiver Story!) 1
Would you rather see graphs or hear a story? We can show our caregivers’ compassion with statistics, but we would rather share a story.

Every month, an independent, third-party quality care company calls a percentage of our clients. They have a personal conversation with the clients (or their guardians) to ask them about the care they receive.

Kudos to our excellent caregiver staff… we consistently get excellent reviews! The survey company tells us that we are well above industry averages for our care.

One area where our caregivers shine is compassion. Here’s a graph to show how our clients have rated their level of satisfaction with the At Home Care business during the previous 12 months:
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I would rather tell you a story though! It’s about one of our caregivers, Patty, and a dog named Coyote. Coyote the Dog was a trusted “farmhand” at one of our client’s homes. He lived his whole life on a third-generation cattle ranch out in the country, protecting the garden from raccoons.

Sadly, Coyote, had his last romp this week. After a satisfying long life, he needed to be put to sleep.

Going through good times and bad times with our clients is part of the care we get to show. And Patty definitely showed up to show compassion for our friend, and to honor Coyote.
Coyote’s Last Romp (Caregiver Story!)
She braved the heat of the Kansas day and and began digging a grave for Coyote. A family member was able to finish it up, and now he rests under the shade of a tree on his long-time ranch home.

Thanks Patty, for showing genuine care, and for doing what you would have done for any family member.

Whether we are going through happy times or sad times together, it’s a privilege to provide in-home senior care in Manhattan, KS and the Flint Hills. You too… keep up the good work in your corner of the world! Thank you for showing up every day to make our community a more compassionate place.
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