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Don and Jolene Part 2: Don’s Legacy

Don and Jolene Part 2: Don's Legacy 1
In April 2019, the At Home Care team was able to interview some of the friends, clients, and caregivers that make the Flint Hills of Kansas the wonderful place it is! Here is one of the stories…
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Don and Jolene sit on their modest couch. There’s a hand painted two-man saw hanging on the wall behind them. “My daughter-in-law painted it BK-before kids,” Jolene says. Don’s grandfather owned it and used it to clear trees for farmland. The grandchildren of pioneers, Don and Jolene are no strangers to hard work. They both grew up on farms. Jolene taught school, attending classes to achieve her doctorate. During that time, Don supported the family working at Waters Hardware for nineteen years. “Before that he sold auto parts,” Jolene tells the story of her husband’s life in a few words. “You did a short stint as a bank loan officer and then a policeman.” Jolene continues. “We went to the grocery store the other day and they greeted us. The next day, Don and I went to the same grocery store and the greeter said, ‘Is that the same

woman you were with yesterday!?” She laughs so hard that Don joins in. “Don has had 4 jobs over the course of his life, but only one wife. His brother has had the same job, but 4 wives.”

They banter back and forth like best friends until the At Home Care team has to leave. They’ve been together in the same house for sixty-one years. Life has slowed down for them, but their relationship has remained strong and enduring — just like their pioneer grandparents.

Image: The At Home Care caregiver enjoys spending time with Don each week while Jolene runs errands!

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