Does Your Loved One Need At Home Care or Assisted Living?

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Does Your Loved One Need At Home Care or Assisted Living?

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In 2012, there was an estimated 65 million baby boomers. By 2030, the youngest of those “babies” will be over the age of 65. Chances are you have one of these special people in your life and you may be asking, “How do I take care of my aging loved one?” You are not alone.

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Making That Tough Decision

Making a decision is never easy, but making a decision for someone you love is especially difficult. The care you have to provide may not be the type of care your loved one wants. On top of that, this kind of decision is wrapped in a package of strong emotions. Past experiences, present circumstances, and anxiety about the future can cause a lot of self-doubt. There are many different options available now a days to help you care for a loved one. There’s long-term

and short-term care, nursing homes that provide services ranging from basic needs to physical therapy and daily care. There’s retirement communities, retirement homes, and in home care. With the plethora of options, this decision seems like it should be pretty straightforward, but, in reality, this makes it even more overwhelming. To aid you in the decision making process, we’ve developed a checklist in the hopes that this will make things easier for you.

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The Checklist

This list only compares in home care with nursing homes. The level of care provided by in home care and nursing homes can be very similar. However, the choice between keeping your loved one at home or putting them in a home can uproot your life. There are a couple things to keep in mind when making a care giver decision for someone else.

Their Needs

Financial Concerns

You Are Not Alone

Calculate the risk of not acting. How long can Grandpa stay by himself? What would happen if you put off the decision to get him help for a month? Several months? A year? Don’t make a decision out of fear, but do remember that putting off a decision can be costly. This process can cause a lot of anxiety. There are so many options for the elderly in the health-care industry. Knowing that you’ve considered everything from all angles, can really alleviate some of that stress. Our hope is that this check list will make your future less daunting. Remember, you are not alone.

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Get a Printable Copy of These Questions »
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