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The Struggle for Significance: Seniors and Suicide

The Struggle for Significance: Seniors and Suicide 1

This article discusses the subject of suicide. If you are facing thoughts of suicide, please reach out to the National Suicide Help Line at 1-800-273-8255 or visit to live-chat with a friendly helper. “I had four chairs refurbished this morning And I couldn’t help but think—what’s the point? I don’t have much longer to […]

10 Tips To Make Eating Out Healthier

10 Tips To Make Eating Out Healthier 4

Beth is a CNA who works nights, with not one, not two, but three teenagers. She loves her job, but the only time she gets to see her family is at the dinner table — if one of the kids doesn’t have sports or band practice and if she can manage to get takeout on […]

Seniors and Pets

Seniors and Pets

The Rescue Eve and Norman Fertig huddled together for warmth as the mild autumn day turned into a howling winter storm. They were trapped outside with night fast approaching. If it weren’t for the downed trees that had them pinned between their outbuildings, Eve and Norman could probably see their little house a mere 200 […]

Cataracts: Walking A Mile In Grandma’s Glasses

Cataracts: Walking A Mile In Grandma's Glasses 1

When was the last time you went swimming? Remember diving into that cool, turquoise water surrounded by millions of tiny bubbles? For the few seconds beneath the surface, everything was a blur of shapes and light. Or, if you haven’t been swimming in a while, remember that one foggy morning you stepped outside to take […]

National Safety Month: Be Prepared (Free Printable Guide!)

National Safety Month: Be Prepared 2

The Rescue On June 7th, four teenage boys from Oklahoma, Wyatt Hall, Dylan Wick, Seth Byrd, and Nick Byrd headed out of the house for some snacks and smelled fire. Smoke was slowly seeping from the doorframes and windows of the house next door. Only one of the boys knew their neighbor, according to CBSNews, […]

Celebrating Women’s Health Month

Celebrating Women's Health Month 3

“A woman is like a tea bag. You can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.” – Eleanor Roosevelt Women live longer than men. Despite sleepless nights, worry, the stress of balancing work and home life, raising children, and, often times, dealing with ill health, this is a proven fact. […]

Basic Finances for Seniors: What You Need to Know

Senior Finance Basics

Why April 15th? It all started at the beginning of the Civil War. A special “income tax” was introduced into America to help fund the war effort. A decade later, Congress decided income tax was unconstitutional and abolished it. Thirty years later, Congress changed their collective mind and decided that, actually, income tax was a […]

Music and Alzheimer’s

senior caregiver

What if there was a way to shine a light through the fog of Alzheimer’s Disease and talk to your senior loved one for a moment of clarity? What if that moment was brought about in as short a time as it takes to sing, “What A Wonderful World?” The answer is not magic and […]

Craft: Create A Spring Light Catcher

Craft: Create A Spring Light Catcher

Welcome the spring sunshine with this colorful light catcher. This craft is so versatile and easy, it’s perfect for a family fun day indoors. It’s simple enough to capture the short attention span of the young, but pretty enough to be something an adult wouldn’t mind hanging in the kitchen window. Grandparent Alert: This is […]

Make the Most of Your Doctor Visits with this Handy Checklist [and Video!]

Doctor Visit Checklist

Preparing Seniors for Doctor Visits Thanks again to our friends at ClearCare for sharing this post with us! Getting to a doctor visit, as well as understanding and implementing medical advice, can be a challenge for seniors. Aging involves changes in health, physical ability, and medical risks. On average, older adults in the US tend to […]